Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Template for featured animations at JACK IN

So if you have been wondering if its possible to create animation for the 16m wide screen at Jack In.. the answer is YES, of course!

The featured animations loop nightly when there’s no-one actually jacked in. Each time someone contributes an animation we add it and extend the loop.

Attached to this post are the two template files we have used for our mapped animation. You can use it to create your own mapping, or to simply colourise the existing screen.

The precise size of your animation in pixels will be exactly the same as these files –  3072 x 768. Build your animation at 25 frames per second, 72dpi square pixels of course and use a codec such as motion jpeg A at 75%.

Send your animation to jackin [at] via yousendit or dropbox or drop it in to one of the Jack In crew on a USB stick …and it will be added to the widescreen loop that is playing by default on the wall.

Ideas? Well, the banner represents a giant scale artist’s journal, and the rectangles are a drawn continuation of the windows on the building below. Our own animations are drawn from suggestions and contributions made by various students, as well as some random stuff… so it could be a mix of a student’s daydreams while in class, through to a landscape of your own imagination that uses the window shapes as doors or portals. Go for it…

Right click these and save to download the master template files.