Saturday, 11 February 2012

Team “Black” Credits

This project has evolved as a collaboration and partnership among a group of interdisciplinary artists, supported by Country Arts SA. The third stage of development is being co-produced by Rising Damp Youth Performing Arts and Illuminart.

The artists who have been involved so far (who may have contributed at quite different stages) are: John Crouch, Gavin Clarke, Cindi Drennan, Jessica Foster, Jamie Harding, Monica Hart, Tyson Hoprich, Caleb Lewis, Michael Marner, Joel Panther, Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart, Steve Mayhew, Indira Shanahan, Steve Tilling, Craig Laurendet, Geoff Haines; 

The current stage of development (to be presented in Goolwa in October 2012) is presented during Kumuwuki – the 2012 National Regional Arts Conference – and is a co-production between Rising Damp Youth Performing Arts and Illuminart, with support of Country Arts SA, Australia Council (Theatre Board) and Arts SA’s major festival Commission Funding Program.

Other supporters have included Varcoes Foundry, Century Batteries Mt Gambier, Mount Gambier High School.