Sunday, 1 July 2012

Street Art Style Tag needed for Theatre Show

*this announced role has now been filled thank you*

GRAFF * TAG * VIDEO PROJECTION * THEATRE PROJECT * STREET ART STYLE We’re looking for a street artist to help us with our theatre project, to create a signature tag for our main character “Ado” and the projected video art work in the show.

This work is paid, and will probably involve a few days work (plus some thinking and talking time). Needs to be black/white/greyscale and very contrasty, as we are going to project it round Goolwa using video projectors. There is a bit of a brief (character background, theatre project vibe, etc). We need someone right now to help us out with this design / artwork – know someone? For info contact or call 0416963170

Are you interested in more info about the artwork? Read on…

We are 14 theatre makers currently working on an hybrid installation work called “If There Was A Colour Darker Than Black I’d Wear It’.  The show will be presented at ‘Kumawuki’ the Regional Arts Australia conference. This conference is being held in Goolwa SA Between 13th and 20th of October 2012.

In this work the presence of an absent main character is often expressed via a graffiti element (he is a street artist). He has experienced a culture of violence and is searching for alternatives. The graff image that represents his life is projected and/or physically present in three of the 5 installation sites for the show.

The graffiti image in the show needs to build to reveal a strong element of fuckyou – but it should also reflect an artistic sensitivity. Because its digital we can work with combining elements with his fuckyou tag, and some of these would be creepy and dark…   Distorted images of faces and heads / darker symbology – (black dog, teeth, outspread arms, masks etc) … to resonate with the aspect of the work which looks closely at the notion of fractured identity.

If you are interested in this project please supply us with an image of your work which you believe may be appropriate.