Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sound Recording / Photography Mini-Project

No Boundaries, a community collaboration, is calling for contributions of sound recording and photography for inclusion in the spectacular public installation on the 21st and 22nd of September.

Who can take part? Penrith area (and nearby) residents are invited to help us record sounds of the Nepean River, or other parts of the Penrith area. You can also contribute photographs of the river and surrounding area.

When do we need this ? Send your sounds or footage to us by the 20th August for inclusion in the main show, and by the end of August for inclusion in associated installations.

Here’s what to do if you want to help record sound or images for No Boundaries:

  1. Go to the Nepean River, perhaps to the farthest spot you can get to, or perhaps just to your favourite place by the River.
  2. Record some of the sounds at that place. You can record onto a phone, ipad, camera, cassette deck etc. Whatever you can get access to easily.
  3. You can also take photos if you want to, onto a phone, digital camera, video camera etc. Whatever you can get access to easily.
  4. Once you have taken the recordings, transfer the files to us. There are three ways of doing  this. You can email small files (under 10MB) to Or you can burn your recording files onto DVD and drop in to Robyn Brookes at Penrith City Council. Or, if you need help with this stage, please contact us, and we’ll arrange for a media maker to support this final stage with training or technical help for you.

Here are some SOUND RECORDINGS you can collect and send to us:

  • Sounds of the Nepean river flowing at the weir, under a bridge, or past rocks or natural spaces.
  • Sounds of people near the river, perhaps talking or chatting. Or possibly people sailing or rowing.
  • Sounds of creatures near the river, can you hear birds? Whip birds, Bell birds, or other creatures?
  • Sounds of natural places that the river touches,
  • Sounds of the city, trains or cars.

Here are some PHOTO SUBJECTS you can collect and send to us:

  • the Nepean river flowing at the weir, under a bridge, or past rocks or natural spaces.
  • Photos of people near the river, just sitting, chatting, sailing or rowing.
  • Photos of natural places that the river touches,
  • Photos of streets, buildings, places in Penrith, or the train, or things you notice on the way to the river.

This opportunity is for anyone in Penrith or connected to the area. If you are a person with disability, would you like to be involved? We can arrange for a media maker to assist. You can suggest a place to record sounds or take photos. You can also take the photos or record the sounds for us at one of the places. If you need some help to record, or to give the sounds or photos to us, we’ll organise a media maker to help.

If you are interested in taking photographs or recording sounds for this project, and don’t know how, then we may be able to arrange for a tutor to meet you and help you take some portraits and landscape photographs for this project. You can use your own camera, or we can provide one for you.

Through your eyes, we hope to capture some of the scenes of what you experience around Penrith. And perhaps we can encourage you to see some sights or places on a photo taking adventure.

Would you like to join in this interesting project? You can contact us to let us know you are interested, or would like information about it over the phone or other methods.