Projection onto the Joan during the No Boundaries Project

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

So what is “No Boundaries”?

The initial conversations about this project were about how to involve people with a disability in Western Sydney to have input and engagement with a large scale projection arts project (which we envisage will involve mapped projection on the Dame Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith NSW).

We realised that many of the ways that we assume that individuals and community members can be involved in a project such as ours, are by attending meetings, sending emails, or just bumping into each other in the street; we felt that there may be barriers to many people in the community to be able to do this – just the very people we want to have input from.

So to create a project that removes the boundaries to participation, and offers many ways for people to have input, has been our goal. As this is a new type of multimedia project, our work will involve trying our concepts out, and then revising and improving our plan.

“No Boundaries” is a long term project, that will involve multimedia practitioners (artists with skills in animation, video, sound, etc) working directly with people in Western Sydney, to create a multimedia project that can be appreciated by many.