Friday, 16 March 2012

Credits of Stepping into the Light

Who worked on “Stepping into the Light“?

Project Partners:
Arts SA, ARGO on the Parade, City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters, Illuminart, Mosaic AV, AJS Lighting Sound Effects, ACH Group, Department of Families and Social Inclusion, Parade Central, Reactor Media

Projection Design:
Cindi Drennan
Craig Williams

Animation / Composition:
Luku Kukuku (Animation)
Cindi Drennan (Editing, Design)
Samantha Ray (Audio Editing, incidental music)

Mentee Illustrators: (supported by Arts SA)
Daniella Caruso
Annie Rudduck

Content contributions (meetings for memories):
(Supported by ACH Group and Department of Families and Social Inclusion)
led by Helen Crawford, with support from Robert Cooper, Jenny, and Mary Giles
participants: (Norwood senior residents) Rafael Aragon, Eva Altorjay, Ilona Balatincz, Teresa Jenei, Anne Pinczel, Jacek Limanowka, Elva Burke, Kath Evans, Margaret Solomon, Gladys Cann, Melvyn Cann

Cultural Heritage Advice:
Denise Schumann
Helen Crawford
Mary Giles

Live Music Interventions and Silhouettes:
Quintan Dunne, Kelly Breuer, Peter Tuske, Petra Szabo, Kaven Dedman, Avalanche (Ivan Rehorek), Nick de Rohan. Supported by Levon Hudson (VJ) and AJS Sound (Audio special needs), Mr Rigger and Tim Willett (Silhouette Screen solution).

Pre-recorded Choreography and Dance sequences:
Dance Dance Revolution: Choreographed and performed by Ade Suharto
Ballroom Waltz: Choreographed by Ade Suharto
Night Wings and other dances: Choreographed by Amanda Phillips (Felicity Arts), Performed by Robert Taylor and Sebastion Crisafi

Music and Audio arrangement:
Original Compositions by PAGAJ
Orchestral pieces by Payneham Concert Band
Additional music by Kevin Macleod (
Arrangement of oral histories by singer/songwriter/composer Samantha Ray
Didgeridoo narrative performance by Robert Taylor

Videography and Documentation:
Alex Waite Mitchell & Felicity Arts (DOP/operator)
Martin Hopkins (Reactor Media)
Michael Selge (Craftypics)
Michael Haines (Kevin Killey Photographics)

Event Management:
Carly Smith and Mary Giles (City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters)
Venue support by Ebbaney Willox and the Concert Hall team.

Other thanks:
Wards Shoes on The Parade
Huge thanks to PRIMO and Billy Baxters

Projection / AV services & Lighting:
Mosaic AV
AJS Lighting Sound Effects