Saturday, 1 December 2012

Show info and credits (Lighthouse projections, Exmouth)

LightheartedLighthearted was created to celebrate the Centenary of the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse in remote WA Exmouth. The mapped “architectural storytelling” projection light show onto the historic lighthouse was a feature of the local community celebrations.

The 29 minute projection show featured animated interpretations of the history of the area, based on heritage research and consultation with community members and shire staff. Comic storytelling were interwoven with artwork and cultural material from local community members and artists to create a show with something for everyone.

The project involved 3d templating offsite, based on blueprints, diagrams and photographic surveys of the building, and then final mapping on site using rapid-mapping techniques. High powered projection equipment from Mosaic AV was shipped in for the show which was presented on 9th December 2o12.

The team involved in the show were:


  • Luku Kukuku – animation/story artist
  • Cindi Drennan – projection guru/audio arrangement/cultural liaison
  • Craig Laurendet – installation director/logistics/project manager
  • Aaron Welch (Red Bird Creative) – animation (Blueprint scene)
  • Trevor Collict – voice of Captain Shelby and other characters
  • Julz Strykowski – voice of Maryjane, and mermaid’s song
  • Kevin MacLeod ( – Music

Exmouth / local community:

  • Jaci Cutler (Exmouth) – Event Management
  • Ann Preest (Exmouth) – Cultural advice
  • Teressa Miller (Exmouth) – Paintings and artwork and photos
  • Jeremy Garlett – Didjeridoo performance
  • Leone Ferrier – Paintings and artwork
  • Mark Bell – Mural artwork

Thank you:

  • Mosaic AV
  • Shire of Exmouth
  • Australian Government (Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities)
  • Woodside