Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Thank you to our Cheeky musicians!

Thank you to the following musicians for being part of Stepping into the Light: Quintan Dunne, Kelly Breuer, Peter Tuske, Petra Szabo, Kaven Dedman, Avalanche (Ivan Rehorek), Nick de Rohan!

These musicians have been invited to be part of this final, zany and cheeky contribution to Stepping into the Light (which is a large scale animated projection onto eastern wall of the Norwood Town Hall Building).

These musicians are hiding behind a transparent screen in the building, to make LIVE music interventions into the projection show of Stepping into the Light. They are working alongside the projection team to “interrupt” the animated show and  create an unusual musical performance contribution to the event.

This unique concept… “interruption of a projection show” involves short, live musical play of their favourite ditty, riff or track for a minute or two, at prearranged moments in the live projection show.

Please do acknowledge these performers for being part of this projection show. They are performing a very important role to bring a living element to the projection, and your applause let’s them know you are listening!