Fractured Heart Interactive (photo by Naomi Lamb)

Monday, 30 April 2012

Counting the days!

Well, today we pushed the go button on the big presentation in Sydney. What this involves for us, is four of us are going to live in Sydney for four weeks so we can work together on the final stages of the project. We’ll be setting up the sculpture at Salmagundi studios and living somewhere nearby.

One of the big problems we have had is that we could not find any cheap options for artists billets. We didn’t get any responses to that so we have been investigating serviced apartments and accommodation rentals in the area which has been time consuming, and fruitless. So today, finally, after some days of emails, we booked the accommodation for the four of us via airbnb. Whew… found it… with only a week to spare til we converge on the big city.

Project: Fractured Heart Interactive.