Jimmy Lloyd-Smith who plays Ado Fulgin, on a treadmill at the F.I.T Health and Fitness Centre in Goolwa. Not intentionally getting exercise, this has been filmed against a green screen so the background can be removed, and the final shot will be used for one of the video effects during the performance.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Run-Run-Running down to showtime

Barely a couple of weeks now until ‘If there was a colour darker than black I’d wear it‘ – a hybrid media theatre project to be presented in Goolwa during Kumuwuki (the 2012 National Regional Arts Conference). Only four performances will be available to non-conference delegates to attend, and bookings are now open through the Goolwa Visitor Information Centre or online here.

These weeks involve the collaborating artists working on the final stages of the project as artists in residence in Goolwa. Photos below are from a shoot yesterday at the local gym, to create a loop of Ado running. Other projects include projection mapping, live social media technologies and other techniques that we can’t tell you because it would spoil the show!

The team are now counting just ten days until our first full tech run, and then the first public show will be held on Saturday 13th October.

Public show dates: Sat 13, Sun 14, Tue 16, Wed 17 October
Conference show dates (only limited public tickets available): Fri 19, Sat 20 October at 8PM