Harts Mill Re-animated

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Re-staging the classic “Harts Mill Inhabited” architectural projection

As Harts Mill is soon to be illuminated with a classic architectural projection show, it’s time to shed a little light on the significance of this story.

In 2009 the Harts Mill Inhabited projection show awed audiences of Adelaide with stunning storytelling projections that brought the old mill to life. The Mill complex had been at the centre of a long running contentious struggle within the Port, to have more heritage of the Port Adelaide area preserved and incorporated into the fabric of the area as it underwent renewal. Because so much had already been demolished to make way for future developments, the Mill seemed to become the symbol around which the community gravitated. Being such a touchy subject, the artists were not at liberty to include anything that might spark further unrest in the show. However just highlighting the mill, and telling its story allowed everyone to experience the precinct with fresh eyes and a sense of renewed commitment to saving the heritage of Port Adelaide.

More than six years on, the Harts Mill precinct has been opened up into a new public park. Although the mill itself is still off limits, the community has a reason to celebrate that no five story apartment buildings are now going to dominate the skyline around this historic landmark. The animated projection may be six years old (illuminart has done many more exciting and high tech things since 2009!) but it is still significant in that it was Australia’s first fully animated mapped architectural storytelling projection.

Restaging this show has been made possible by:

  • local community booking ahead for tickets in prime viewing position
  • local businesses sponsoring a loop of the projection show
  • Arts SA contributing towards illuminart’s New Light Industrial program (supporting light and projection in Port Adelaide)
  • Renewal SA and Port Adelaide Enfield Council providing event funding and in-kind support
  • Discounts and other support from Storage King Port Adelaide, Party on Wheels, Mosaic AV
  • Support by illuminart’s volunteers and mentees

Come and see this fabulous show on 9 & 10 May 2014: http://hmi.illuminart.com.au