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Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Light Industrial …. Port Adelaide: May-October 2013

Illuminart have made Port Adelaide our home for 2013 and we have a big vision for the area.

We will use the dark quiet streets and vacant spaces to showcase new types of illumination and moving image art, in events for photographers, families, designers and architects, and anyone looking for a new after dark experience.

We’re involving artists from around SA who create moving image and illuminated media, and also training local artists to use light or projection as an innovation within their work.  You can follow the story on the New Light Industrial Blog.

If you are keen to attend an event take a look at the list below, and to get updates please like the NLI facebook page, or go directly to our ticket sales, or drop in to the Projectroom.

Night Mural PicnicNIGHT MURAL (SALA Event)
17th August 2013
(24th August – Wet weather alternative)
Grab your blanket and thermos and join us for an exciting community outdoor art event! Come and see a dockside building transformed before your eyes with interactive projected murals created by local Port Adelaide artists. Hear from the artists and experience a dozen possible future urban transformations with a live audience in one night. BYO warming picnic!
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Your ticket purchase, donation or crowdfunding supports the funding of this event.

Luminous TrailLUMINOUS ART TRAIL (SALA Event):
Various evenings from 2 – 25 August
A little mid winter warm glow will lead you from luminous space to a lighthearted place.
This exciting SALA project includes interactive art and playful spaces that will delight kids and grownups, from light box art, luminous artworks and sculptures, UV art, exhibition windows (projected gallery spaces), light installations and moving image. On certain nights you can participate in a guided walk and talk from beginning to end, bookended by hot chocolate.
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_DSC5723PORT ADELAIDE FESTIVAL – LIPSON STREET PROJECTION SHOW: on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October 2013, Lipson Street will be transformed with projection and light, in a magical presentation of architectural projection artistry by Illuminart. The projection show has been designed by Illuminart with input from local artists and community. Unlike our previous events that represent the past of Port Adelaide, our 2013 projection show will be all about the future. Find out more here.

Thinking CapINTERACTIVE TEXTILES WORKSHOP: Combining traditional and old school textile techniques with leading bleeding edge lighting and electronics, as textile artists from around SA get involved in interactive luminous textile projects from Quilts that respond to touch, to hats that change colour with your mood. Workshops for textile artists will be held in May, June and July – dates TBC. The finished pieces will be displayed during the Luminous Art Trail and the Port Festival. Find out more here.

MARITIME MUSEUM – LIVING IN PORT EXHIBITION: As yet in its early stages, illuminart will be working with the SA Maritime Museum and Port Adelaide residents to create a moving image / interactive presentation for the new Living in Port Exhibition planned to be opened in early 2014.

OTHER PROJECTS – in the meanwhile, illuminart have a few other Port Adelaide projects pending – as soon as we have confirmed a viable venue and workshop space for them we will let you know!

Projection onto the Harbours Board Building, Lipson Street, Port AdelaideAll of the above projects are part of NEW LIGHT INDUSTRIAL – a concept we dreamed up back in 2011, as a way to extend illuminart’s relationship with Port Adelaide beyond the Port Festival and be more involved in the Port, support and connect with local artists and cultural projects. It’s dark streets and old buildings are perfect for illumination projects, moving image and projection art! Come and enjoy it with us, before everyone else finds out about it… !