New Light Industrial NLI

Friday, 16 May 2014

Port Adelaide Community Input into New Light Industrial Projects in 2014

Illuminart is working in Port Adelaide to develop tourism and night time economy in the area, as part of their ongoing “New Light Industrial” program of events in the Port which has been supported by Arts SA. Our goal is to bring permanent projection in to the Port, and for people to think of Port Adelaide whenever there is a mention of projection art. (Port Adelaide is a superior location for lighting art due to its minimal light pollution, existing cultural tourism opportunities, accessible spaces and great architecture).

We are very keen to have the input of Port Adelaide business, residents, schools, artists to help us plan and make the most of our next six months in the Port, and find out what you most want us to do.

Below are the proposed projects that we hope to fundraise and present, all with the aim of showcasing beautiful lighting art, architectural projection, and the arts and artists of Port Adelaide. We are keen to know what you think is most important and which events you would like to attend and support.

You can fill out the survey here to give us your feedback

Sails on Yampu

Date TBC

The recent “Mangrove” installation showed how brilliant Gallery Yampu looks with projection art, and illuminart are proposing to make this a permanent feature on the waterfront. What this will involve is a fundraising campaign by community to raise $7500 for three lampless projectors and a permanent playback system. Once this is installed illuminart will assist a group of local artists to curate and present a show that will run from dusk for three hours every night of the year. This attraction will be visible from birkenhead bridge and will add a new dimension to the Port River. We are also hoping community will assist us by sourcing a number of weatherproof sails (such as salvaged from old boats, possibly in storage and no longer needed) as these would be compiled together into a series of excellent projection screens in keeping with the Sailing Club that is the venue for Gallery Yampu. Our idea for fundraising will be via a booking system that accepts donations or allows ticket or merchandise purchase, or direct sponsorship.

Night Mural 2014

Date 23rd August 2014 – location would be kept secret until 300 seats have been booked.

Last year “Night Mural” was an extraordinary success, featuring the work of more than ten local artists as enormous temporary mural transformations of a modern waterfront apartment at Warrawee Dock. Over 300 people helped to crowdfund the project by purchasing seats in the prime viewing position. This project gave a fantastic promotional opportunity to local artists and we wish to do this again.  Sponsorship and other funding will cover approximately 50% of the costs but the remainder would only be possible with community participation. We are considering offering tickets for up to 500 people to book seats and asking for local businesses to partner with and sponsor the artists providing artwork in the project. The public event would be held on one night with a fun experience of urban transformation for all ages.

If you are interested in participating in the event as a commissioned visual artist please contact Kaz Pederson via kousyklaypot (at)

Forum for New Light Industrial

Date 25th June 2014

The Illuminating Engineers Society have asked illuminart to talk about their work and we thought, why talk about it when we can show it? So we are thinking about presenting a small light show or projection to showcase the great architecture in the Port and get a visit and feedback from some of SA’s most accomplished lighting designers. If you would like to help bring these people to the Port to help us “educate” them about the value of the Port as a cultural tourism and lighting art destination, would you like to help by fundraising, whether through booking a seat or making a donation?

Waterfront projection art and performance, involving Schools Artists in Residence project in 2015

Date TBC – midwinter to spring in 2015

We have been approached by schools of Port Adelaide to lead a large education / arts / culture collaboration which would culminate with a large spectacle involving light, water, projection, boats and the river! As this is a large project it will only be possible with funding from Arts SA via the Artists in Schools funding. The schools are already very supportive and exploring how this could support and interweave with the curriculum. It would potentially involve over 100 students as artists and creatives, from visual arts to language and music studies. Our question is: would you like to see a large, spectacular event involving boats, performance and building projection on the Port River? Would you come to a midwinter event? If you think this exciting vision could be for you, let’s talk about how you might help us get it off the ground… from a support letter to sponsorship or simply buying a ticket!

You can fill out the survey here to give us your feedback