Saturday, 20 August 2011

Please do BUG us!

We were really excited that the Port Adelaide has a big BUG. That is, Bicycle User Group…  they as part of the Port Adelaide community are interested in taking an active role in the ideas and presentation of Port Inhabited.

There is a nice link as the Port has historically had bike shops and riders going way back, an active community today, including some collectors.

The recumbent bicycle mobile projection cart (known as “shipshape“) is also a fun bike project that we hope that some of the BUG members will be interested in.

Thanks to Leslie and the other members of the Port BUG for meeting up and we look forward to your input and involvement.

About the Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group (Port BUG)

The Port BUG is one of Adelaide’s longest established Bicycle User Groups and has for many years sought to improve the lot of residents seeking to use their bicycles on a day-to-day basis for transport, fitness and recreational purposes. BUG members use their bikes for a range of purposes although it must be said that our major focus in recent years has been on improving conditions for daily transport use to work, education, shopping and services. We have also had a significant interest in improving recreational cycling routes, particularly on the Northern Le Fevre Peninsula and have had considerable input to the completion of the Coastal Way.