Trident House, Lipson Street during Port Inhabited. Photo by History SA

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Photography tips for projection art

If your’re planning to take photos of architectural projection these are some helpful tips to get the best result.

Firstly, don’t use a flash if at all possible!

The light from a flash can wash out the light from the projection, and disturbs the viewing pleasure of others in the audience.

For best results set your camera to No Flash, and a medium speed low light setting.

Cameras with good low light sensitivity are best, but cameras requiring longer shutter speeds can work well provided they are mounted on a tripod.

As our projection is animated, longer shutters speeds will tend to blur the movement.

We recommend a shutter speed of no more than a fifteenth of a second where possible. You will find that our shows are designed with pauses, with little movement, to provide an opportunity to gaze and take photos. Look for the natural rhythm in the work to take advantage of these moments.

We usually have dry runs and practise sessions in the lead up to shows when it may be possible to get photos of preview material without an audience around.