Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Penrith Mud Baths… a collection of memories to be found!

Did you grow up in Penrith or visit as a child? Maybe you visited the mud baths on the banks of the Nepean River near the weir.

Artist Daniel Kojta is looking for photographs of the mud baths and any information about them… what do you have in your collection? If you have photos or memorabilia  then he would love to hear from you.

Contact us to tell us about your memories or any photos you have. These will form part of the stories and media in the No Boundaries event.

Postcard image of bathing at historic penrith weir

Through the ‘No Boundaries Project’ we are seeking footage or prints from those who may have experienced the Mud Baths or the Weir of the Nepean River around 1940’s to 1970’s. Specifically film footage, prints, or memories from anyone with experience of the Mud Baths near the weir.  Also the Nepean’s giant rope swings under the Victoria bridge or those who climbed the bridge, or used the weir for swimming and family Bbq’s…fishing, swimming, collecting, rowing… to contribute to this project which looks at the way our collective childhoods have evolved through time with the experience of adventure through our mediated, moderated, modern lives…

The Nepean River has been a summer focal point of adventure and family fun through many generations.  Please contact us to share your memories.. this may be simply sitting down with myself, Daniel Kojta, and describing your memories whilst they are recorded on video or audio. You may like to produce a series of drawings of your memories of the Mud Baths, or Camping. Any footage and/or prints can remain your property and we are happy to pick up any material.