Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Opportunity: Interactive and Mobile Media Projection Team (Penrith / Western Sydney)

Mobile Projection Crew, Ahoy!A new way of presenting sound, light and video is coming to Penrith as part of the No Boundaries project.

Our Penrith trainees are learning how to transform public spaces using mobile projectors, powered by Century Yuasa Batteries. Taking the show beyond one wall and into the public space, offers up forms of theatre and spectacle that will surprise a completely new audience!

We are not announcing our public forays, you’ll need to be lucky and be out and about… but here’s a hint: we’re going to be hitting the main streets of Penrith on Thursday nights.


Our trainees will be learning how to use mobile projection, batteries, inverters, and how to expand cinema into mobile, exciting, transformative experiences in outdoor spaces. The techniques are straightforward and combine AV techniques with the systems used in mobile gophers or camping power systems… to create a new form of theatre. Training will  lead to future casual work with illuminart, to assist us to transform public spaces with live, interactive and mobile media art.


What the training involves:

  • Using mobile projection units (created by illuminart, to take video projection to the streets and project onto public sites)
  • Setting up and running interactive media art being projected using the units
  • Providing technical support to people interacting with the media art
  • Developing skills in relating to audiences of mixed ability
  • Presenting your own artwork, photography and media using projection systems and mobile AV


What is No Boundaries? It is a large scale community arts project involving residents of Penrith in creating and presenting media art, with a big focus on including local people with disability to be involved in the process as creatives, makers, professionals and participants.

What is the No Boundaries mini-project and event? The mini-projects are small scale public events where we get to do small scale practise sessions, or mini-showings, in the Penrith area. The event is the peak public showing of the project, scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of September. There are daytime and nighttime components to this exciting event.

What is mobile projection? This is a form of audiovisual presentation that involves projector and equipment being able to be moved whilst operating, and being self powered (not connected to any power point). Therefore the equipment can be moved to different locations while it is being operated, projecting on to walls, trees, surfaces, people etc and illuminating public environments.

What is interactive media? It is a form of media art, such as projection, that has some method by which people can change the image or sound through their input… in our case we will be using kinect and drums and other forms of input.