Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Night Mural: a life changing experience

The 2014 Night Mural was a great success building on the format of the previous year, with a new element involving collaboration and menteeship of 10 young artists, and in the words of the Mayor himself in his speech, “This has nothing on ‘smoke and mirrors’. This is sheer magic.”

Mayor Gary Johanson also said: “Night Mural this year brings together the technical, creative, mentorship skills of the illuminart team and the enthusiasm of the young artists. This project has been sponsored by Council with events funding and with arts, cultural and youth program support for young artists to be involved and mentored. We see it as a very significant opportunity to take young artists up to a professional level of presentation.”

For the artists themselves, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. In an email to illuminart, Stephanie Payne wrote:

Stephanie Payne at Night Mural 2014Dear illuminart, I’d love to thank Cindi Drennan, Kaz Pedersen, Jane Marr, the Council and the whole illuminart team for this incredible opportunity. If I wasn’t chosen to be a part of this experience I never would have made friends with some of the other local artists or had a proper chance to exercise my art skills with an actual audience. Before this experience I never really showed people my art. I used to say it was because my art never felt finished, but honestly I was just worried no one would like or understand it. After having my art shown on such a large scale I realised I don’t make art so others will like it, I make it because it’s what I love to do. My family and friends that attended the event had a blast; they all loved the vibrant and individual artworks. I’m so excited to see next year’s night mural and I’m certain it will be more successful than this years. Sincerely Stephanie

For two of the young artists especially, it was a life-changing experience: Night Mural 2014 gave Luke Shaw and Aden Beaver the chance to use their newly discovered skills to work as part of the Illuminart team.

Night Mural workshop, Port AdelaideAs Luke Shaw, now known by the team as “Zero”, says: “Night Mural was my first real foray into the art world, It provided me with direction and insight into how to take my work, present it and interact with other artists on one project. The chance to continue working with illuminart after the night is over is extremely exciting and positive for me. Training under the team as a digital media assistant is a great experience and I am learning a lot, not just about art and projection but the logistical and business side of this industry, something that has always interested me. I look forward to learning a lot more with illuminart in the future and helping the upcoming projects reach fruition.”

And as for Aden, “Before I participated in Night Mural 2014 I had aspirations of becoming a Digital Painter, to work on art for studios. Throughout the whole year I was learning how to paint on a computer using a pressure tablet and Photoshop software, but I didn’t see any chance of making it in the industry as the dream was just so big! I found the ad for Night Mural, and sent them some of my work, just to see what I’d get. After making my piece (and to my great surprise) illuminart offered me a casual job, producing the same sort of art! It’s definitely changed my life, and helps bring my dream that little bit closer.”

The event was attended by over 1200 people, many of whom were visiting Port Adelaide for the first time in a long time. Visitors came from as far away as the Barossa, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, and even attracted international tourists to come to the Port and check it out.

'Boat People' - a Night Mural design by young artist Aden Beaver

‘Boat People’ – a Night Mural design by young artist Aden Beaver