Night Mural Flyer

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Night Mural 2014 – young artists are underway!

12 young artists from the Port Adelaide Enfield area, will have their artistic skills developed to a new level through specialised workshops offered by illuminart this weekend, in preparation for Night Mural 2014.

Curator for this project, Kaz Pedersen, was one of the local artists commissioned to have her artwork projected at Night Mural 2013. She is extremely excited to be working with youth this year. “We got a great response straight away after the tenders went out to all the Port Adelaide Enfield schools and youth groups. All the applicants were dedicated and put in strong applications in order to be part of the Night Mural event, which will be part of the SA Living Artists Festival this year .”

The young artists will be attending a one-day free workshop to be held at the Port Community Arts Centre this weekend (28th / 29th of June), with lunch provided by the Port Adelaide Enfield council.  During the workshop, participants will learn about temporary building transformations, light painting, and designing projection for architecture. They will get a taste of animation production techniques from animator Luku Kukuku before building their concepts and artwork in consultation with Kaz Pedersen.  Kaz Pedersen says, “they will be guided through creative techniques to help them design strong public artworks, learn to work with templates to ensure their artwork fits onto buildings and be given the guidelines they need  in order to have their artwork animated succesfully”.  Illuminart will  continue to mentor these young artists leading up to the final Night Mural Event during SALA 2014.

It is actually thanks to the Port Adelaide Enfield Council, that these young people have been given this opportunity. Jane Marr, Arts and Cultural Officer with Port Adelaide Enfield, has worked with Illuminart before, and saw the opportunity when planning a youth art project for this year. “The Night Mural 2014 provides a fantastic opportunity for young and emerging artists to work with and be mentored by professional artists in the creation of public murals to be projected onto a building…and a bus!”

“The 2013 Night Mural Picnic enchanted audiences with work featured from established Port Adelaide artists. It is exciting this year for a new generation of local artists to be showcased in this unique format. The young artists, who range in age from 14 – 24, currently work in a range of mediums including signwriting, street art, aerosol, photography, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and digital. 12 young artists will be attending workshops this weekend to learn how their art work can be translated into a mural format, which will be animated by Illuminart for the Night Mural 2014.”

Apart from providing these workshops, Port Adelaide Enfield Council is also donating $350 in vouchers for art supplies to the young artists, which gives local businesses a boost. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”

The young artists themselves are excited to be part of Night Mural 2014. Lucas says, “I would love to showcase my work in the area that I grew up and live in. I also think it is a great chance to meet other local artists and make great connections.” For  Emma, it is a  “Great opportunity for me to be involved in the community and learn new art skills,” and Stephanie says, “I want to be an artist and this will be the first time my art is treated with a professional attitude”. Then there’s Mitchell who “would like…to start an art career by getting my art work in the public.”

Cindi Drennan says “Illuminart’s Night Mural involves giving architecture a one-night makeover, with a number of different (im)possible mural transformations. Buildings that might be too expensive to paint or mosaic, can still offer an exciting visual spectacle through the power of temporary projection. Having young people as part of our creative team is going to inject new energy into the area, and help develop a new generation of people who can think big!”

Illuminart have also just received the news that NIGHT MURAL has been selected as a finalist for the Unitcare Services Moving Image Award for this year’s SALA Festival!

Night Mural 2014, supported by Arts SA and Port Adelaide Enfield Council, will be presented on 23rd of August 2014 at a yet to be announced location .