Friday, 29 August 2014

Night Mural 2014 Photo Gallery

Night Mural 2014 – what a fabulous evening! Here are a few photos of the architectural projections in Port Adelaide last weekend – the images were created in collaboration between 10 young artists and the illuminart team.  Photos taken by illuminart photographer Craig Laurendet.

The artists involved in Night Mural 2014 were: Aden Beaver, Emma Dangerfield, Rachael Hatowkyj, Marcel Leaver, Crystal Mayne, Stephanie Payne, Mitchell Peat, La Fleur, Lukas Shaw, and Isabella Steffan.

Night Mural 2014 also included a rerun from 2013, with work by Kalyna Micenko, Penny Mortimer, Steve Glass and Peter Thompson being displayed again.