Lipson Street during Port Inhabited

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Light Industrial

Illuminart have identified Port Adelaide as the base of an significant long term partnership with community, which began in 2009 with creative development of Harts Mill Inhabited, continued in 2010-2011 with development and presentation of Port Inhabited – precinct based narrative projection art during the Port Festival 2011.

Illuminart wish to continue their work in the Port Adelaide region as a site not just of activity, but of community enlivenment and engagement supporting the area’s cultural life, which is where New Light Industrial comes in.

Illuminart have selected Port Adelaide for this community partnership and development because… firstly that the character of the area  (heritage buildings, quiet streets with low ambient light) lends itself to a variety of forms of outdoor projection art and street based media art performance; secondly that the community of Port Adelaide have shown generous support and interest in the work of Illuminart; and thirdly that we feel that our work has the potential to contribute to the perceived image of the area, and to generate a support and awareness for Port Adelaide arts through our work.

Over the next two years we plan a number of linked media art projects that bring together Illuminart, Port Adelaide Enfield Council, the artists of Port Adelaide, property managers and businesses to present a series of staged audiovisual events and presentations leading to a large scale precinct based work in 2013.

The projects in summary include:

Mobile projection art structures:

following on from the successful launch of our “shipshape” projection sculpture we intend to develop and present more mobile projection sculptures that build on this technique, with the support of our sponsors at Century Yuasa batteries and Battery World. The work would involve collaboration with artists from the Moon Lantern festival workshop. We would like to encourage the Port Adelaide community to facilitate the workshop to be hosted at a warehouse in Port Adelaide. We envisage seeking other funding support through Moon Lantern, Arts SA (independent makers and presenters) and Australia Council (professional development).

Artists Windows:

following on from the successful projections in windows on Lipson Street featuring an illuminated digital media gallery of local artists’ work during the Port Festival, we plan to site projection art installations featuring the work of local artists work in vacant shop windows using rear projection at Night. The project involves partnerships with local artists, media artists, projection technicians, store owners and property developers. We may be able to seek support through Renew Adelaide. Funding is most likely through sponsorship by local businesses.

See previous example of this project here:

Light Mosaic:

Using mapped projection to transform ugly box apartment blocks in the new waterfront dwellings of Port Adelaide, into Gaudi-esque transformations designed by local artists. The invitation will go to artists of Port Adelaide to design the ultimate temporary facade mosaics, which will be presented at a night picnic, and public encouraged to give feedback about designs directly to the artists. We feel this is an ideal opportunity to invite selected artists from the community to work closely with us to develop skills in projection mapping, illustration, and transformation. We have identified 6 artists already and would seek applications or connections with indigenous, young and diverse cultured artists of Port Adelaide to take the number to 20. Funding would be sought from Independent Makers and Presenters at Arts SA to support professional development or for artists in residence.

Recreative ~ Visions of Port Adelaide:

Working strategically with Council, Integrated Design Commission, and people with visions for the future development of Port Adelaide, to create digital media representations that will appear in a variety of media within our social networking and community engagement projects. We know how passionate the community is about the renewal and development of the area. Artists can assist with visualisation and “drawing out” the vision to enable council, developers, and stakeholders to understand and appreciate the perspectives of the community.

Port Inhabited 2013:

a presentation on Lipson Street building on the techniques of community engagement and interactive projection already developed in Port Adelaide. Funding from Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

Projectroom in Port Adelaide:

working within the artists community to develop a cooperative of artists with the capacity to run, manage and maintain an artist owned artist run initiative that is linked with a similar initiative in Lithgow NSW. The purpose of the Projectroom® in Port Adelaide is to provide a media artists hub that supports local artists to make, present and promote themselves online using digital media art, connecting with peers interstate. The Projectroom is about facilitating the “people network” to create work together through purposeful online collaborations and peer support. We envisage applying for funding through the NBN program. *Projectroom is a trademark of Illuminart Productions Pty Ltd.

Supporting partnerships:

the above projects have been discussed with Community Arts Network and the Disability Arts Transition Team regarding involving artists from other areas, and artists with disability, in the projects. We wish to work closely with IDC, Port Adelaide Enfield Council, Maritime Museum and other local heritage organisations, and community groups, and to promote collaborations with and among local artists.

We anticipate being full time residents in Port Adelaide from February 2013 to undertake these projects.

Participating Artists:

The core illuminart team are Cindi Drennan, Luku Kukuku, Craig Laurendet. In the Port Adelaide community the key artists already involved in the direction and discussion of these projects include: Kaz Pedersen (Mosaic and glass artist; Bob Daly and Kalyna Micenko (Community artists, textiles and inflatables), Steve Glass (digital and street art), Mandi Glynn-Jones (Illustration) and Derek Rogers (Media art and video). The artists from outside the Port Adelaide area include: Kathryn Sproul (event design), Chris Bartlett (sculpture), Sam Chamberlain (structure), and Sam Collins (video).