Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Light Industrial – Background for co-producers

What is New Light Industrial? It’s a large scale projection art program planned for Port Adelaide SA, and its also a creative partnership between the artists of illuminart and community and artists of Port Adelaide Enfield. New Light Industrial follows on from successful projection arts initiatives in Port Adelaide in 2009 and 2011, where illuminart’s site specific work interweaving stories based on community consultation have attracted a growing audience.

Our goal is to create and present projection art in the Port, bringing new audiences into the area and offering a cultural collaboration opportunity to local residents and artists of the area.

In 2013, we are proposing a series of interlinking events which provide ongoing development for the core team, conceptual threads between the projects, and an opportunity for presentation of all the artistic exploration at a large scale event. NLI’s funding is through community partnerships and strategic development funding.

1st Meeting of Minds at Red Lime Shack, back in July

Illuminart and Port Adelaide e supported in the development of an artistic program that supports the vision of the community and partners, by Cindi Drennan (Illuminart SA), Helen Bock (CAN SA), Jane Marr (Port Adelaide Enfield Council), Cath Duncan (Port Adelaide Chamber of Commerce) and Janey Dolan (Port Renewal). Other artists including

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Let there be Light – PortsideMessenger – 2012_08

The key partners supporting NEW LIGHT INDUSTRIAL in Port Adelaide are:

  1. Port Festival
  2. Port Adelaide Enfield Council
  3. Community Arts Network SA
  4. Port Renewal
  5. Renew Adelaide
  6. Chamber of Commerce
  7. Community Consultation
  8. New Light Industrial Lithgow
  9. SA Maritime Museum

The New Light Industrial Team:

  • Luku Kukuku (SA)
  • Craig Laurendet (NSW)
  • Cindi Drennan (SA)
  • Samantha Ray (WA)
  • Trevor Collict (NSW)
  • Stu Nankivell (regional SA)
  • Steve Tilling (SA)
  • Port Adelaide Artists and makers
    • Kaz Pederson (mural, mosaic, glass and community artist)
    • Mandi Glynn-Jones (illustrator, visual and community artist)
    • Derek Curtis-Rogers (Film maker)
    • Bob Daly, Kalyna Micenko, Helen Kavanagh, Penny Mortimer, Peter Thompson, Zoella, Steve Glass and many others

Mini-Projects being developed by the artists for inclusion in our NLI program:

  1. the Re-Creative project. commenced in September 2012.
    This is a pilot / research / testing community engagement project, which involves the four artists actively investigating the community’s and leaders visions for the future of Port Adelaide. This will lead to new Lighting art proposals that support the community’s vision. The investigation is being conducted through video interviews by Derek Rogers, meetings and visualisation sessions by Mandi and Kaz, and interactive video “surveys” by Luku (with all four artists supporting these processes).~ click here to see some of the input we’ve already had through meetings and online eoi. ~ The end results will be a collection of video segments, illustrations, animations and maps, which will be used as resource elements in the following projects.
Augmented Port!
  • Night Mural Picnic – commenced December 2012 for presentation in April 2013.
    Intention: Rapid prototyping mural concepts, transform spaces and local perspectives, open community to potential developments for artwork, opportunities to mobile AV crew being trained in Port Adelaide for mapping.
    Five local Port Adelaide artists in partnership with illuminart, and in conjunction with Say Something 2 presented by Community Arts Network SA, will present a night picnic during which the “Blandville” minories apartments are temporarily transformed by mural suggestions proposed by community and local artists. Supported by events team (Port Adelaide Enfield council) with potential sponsor: SOLVER PAINT in Port Adelaide. Also supported by residents of the minories (the buildings where the night mural picnic will take place).

    The Minories – considered ugly by many… but a perfect palette by local mural artists
  • Mobile Projection Team – to appear at Night Mural Picnic in prototype in April, then at events in August and October to coincide with Port Festival 2013.
    and has $15K in kind confirmed from the artists and Port Festival
    Intention: develop locally skilled audiovisual crew, able to utilise lighting and projection equipment for new forms of public art, installation and experimental event. The technique and method follows on from illuminart’s project “Jack In” in March 2012 and “No Boundaries Mobile AV Crew” in August 2012, where young people with some digital media skills have been trained in innovative forms of hybrid and mobile media, and equipped with mentor support and access to the technology. It also fits in partnership with Community Arts Network SA’s project “Say Something 2” which aims to provide new creative outlets and support for graffiti crime offenders, (and there is a crossover for the target participants for the mobile projection team AND say something 2).
    Event support partnership: CAN SA Say Something 2. Going beyond the practical, however, we intend to enliven the streets of Port Adelaide with full portable themed luminosity.

    Kraken Blaster!
  • Port Festival Projections 2013
    This project is the culmination of collaborations in 2012-2013 and where the Re-creative project, activations and mobile projections will be presented in a large scale public context.
  • Window Projections and Window Light Trail.
    The intention of this project is to activate this area of Port Adelaide (dark at night, empty shops, lack of tenants), to provide us with a workspace and studio space with public visibility,and to have space where public can view the results of our work using input from the Rec-creative project (via an interactive display where they themselves may be featured). We are currently in negotiation with Port Mall and Renew Port Adelaide to set up activated spaces featuring video interviews with local people, presented as an interactive projection.

    Port Mall Shopfront… before…
    Port Mall Shopfront… after…

    Potential Sponsor: any business hosting it.  Event support partnership: Port Renewal, Chamber of Commerce, Renew Port Adelaide. Confirmation letters coming: Cathy Cavaleri, Red Lime Shack, Chamber of Commerce, Renew.

  • Ideas of residents and artists to be explored… and possibly crowdfunded…

    Cthulu Community Bus – stops at all the important cultural stops, its a venue in its own right.. and a tourist attraction to boot!