Friday, 31 May 2013

Meet ‘New Light Industrial’ artists, to exhibit in Luminous Art Trail (Part 1)

Over coming weeks we’ll introduce you to some of the artists who are involved in the Luminous Trail to be presented by illuminart and partners during the South Australian Living Arts festival. Today’s introductions include Patty Chehade, Ned Bajic, Barbara Saberton, Sara Donnell, Michelle Wegund.

NLI Artist Patty ChehadeArtist Statement: My ‘Magic Lantern’ Series focuses on people of the past. Procured by an affinity to reveal light in my work my process of abstraction offered a union of form and colour that revealed a dynamic luminance, that pulsing glow, breathing life into the blurred figures. The addition of audio has added to the mystery of the abstracted figures. Prose is written and read by Shân Green.
Biography: A graduate of the Adelaide Central School of Art, Patty’s work was selected for the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2011, where her work was chosen as the winner of the City of Adelaide Award. Last year Patty received an Encouragement Award for Moving Image as part of SALA 2012. Her efforts this year has extended to include a digital work for the Rundle Street Lantern.

NLI Patty Chehade - Image from 'Magic Lantern'

NLI Artist - Ned BajicNED BAJIC:
‘My name is Ned Bajic and I run a studio/workshop called Remake/Remodel. This involves recycling, restoring and designing a range of art, craft and homeware items. Working with found materials often serves as a springboard for new characters and stories, giving the objects a new life.’

Hubcap Idol 5 small

NLI Baraba Saberton 'Twinkle'BARBARA SABERTON:
Having always been an animal lover, when I discovered the dolphins of South Australia, in the Port River, I was immediately taken with them.
I adopted my first dolphin in 1999 and have followed them to some extent since. In seeing them from the Adopters view, I felt connected, but when picked up my camera, I was transfixed. Since 2005, I followed them until early 2013 on an almost daily basis. To learn more, I photographed them as photo identification is the best way to learn about dolphins individually and this was my intention. I soon learned, and am now very familiar and well versed in the dolphins of the Port River. Their antics will never cease to amaze me, and I believe we are extraordinarily fortunate to have such an amazing pod of dolphins who reside within the city. I hope to inspire anyone to enjoy and record the dolphins, as this will ensure they’re cared for, well after my photographs stop.

NLI Artist Sarah DonnellSARAH DONNELL:
Sarah Donnell is a Visual Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in the Port region and is a member of the artist collective The Port Adelaide Artists Forum.  Sarah works in mixed media and uses traditional and non-traditional art materials, including recycled and found objects, to create her work. She exhibits frequently and her work is displayed in private collections worldwide.  The inspiration and subject matter of her emotional paintings are often derived from autobiography, childhood, relationships and the natural world and our place within it.

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NLI Artist Sarah Donnell "Love among the Ruins"

NLI Artist Michelle WegundMICHELLE WEGUND:

Michelle’s work is always emotive. The inspiration for a majority of her work is human relationships and a lot of her work is a direct reflection of her feelings at the time. Michelle aims for people to contemplate her paintings and try to work out the meaning behind it.
Most of Michelle’s work is finger painted either in part or entirety and texture is often an important part of the painting.
Of all the things that drive Michelle to continue with her paintings, the most important is her belief in Art as a mechanism to drive change in the world through the powerful messages it can convey and through the lives it can change.
A portion of the funds from the sale of Michelle’s paintings goes to help various charities including Bridges Cambodia International orphanage  and the Guide Dogs.

NLI Artist Michelle Wegund Artwork