Thursday, 7 February 2013

Media Launch for Luminous Hall at UWA

In preparation for the UWA projections, a preview night was held on the 6th of February. The show was documented and presented to a small audience of Luminous Night artists, friends and guests of the University of Western Australia.

From this a great little story was presented on ABC Radio – interview by Bren McGurk and Emma Wynn – which explains some of the background to the project accompanied by excellent photographs.


At a preview screening on Wednesday night, Cindi Drennan said an enormous amount of research had gone into the story.

“The research involved visiting the university several times and working with the community there. The wealth of material that there is here is fascinating.”

“The hall is such an important architectural feature of the university that is makes absolute sense to tell the story of the university onto that building.”

“We’ve included a local of vocal re-enactments of people from the university’s past, including John Winthrop Hackett and some of the first students, recounting the early days.”

“It’s such a great way to get across the real history of something from the past.”


Jasper Cook from VJ Zoo snapped a few photos of the team at the end of the night.

Illuminart artist team members at the Media launch. from left: John Goldsmith (Celestial Visions), Samantha Ray, Cindi Drennan, Craig Laurendet, Luku Kukuku (Illuminart), Aaron Welch (Red Bird Creative). Photo by Jasper Cook (VJ Zoo)