Light Catchment

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mapping Henty, Meeting Mentee

I was looking forward to meeting my mentee, Joel Panther, in person for the first time, and would be showing him some of the techniques I’d developed for projection mapping so I might have a trusted helper on some of our future projects.  Joel and I independently trekked our various journeys to Launceston, meeting up at Fresh Cafe, where Joel also got to meet festival director Ian Pidd and production manager Krista Horbatiuk. We talked about the research and made plans for the upcoming projection mapping night, which would also provide a publicity photo for the local press.

Saturday night was the evening I had planned for a series of projection and light tests onto the Henty structure, and we were *lucky* as it wasn’t as unbearably cold as it might have been. Laptops are good legwarmers…

The process is a little different for Henty House to most architectural situations as there’s a deal of plotting to do, to avoid casting shadows from leaves, pillars, people etc. So Joel and I ran around entangling ourselves with measuring tape before going through my favourite process… pixel mapping to create an artboard and a model for the projection system.

About four hours of darkness later we had a collection of templates and photos of the results. And during the process Joel and I talked relentlessly about business plans, accountancy for arts business, equipment purchasing and various techie things. He is going to be freelancing and operating his own business in Mount Gambier SA so hopefully my experience will help him avoid my mistakes! (One can only hope…)

Some photos below of the building at various stages of illumination.

Project: Landed.