Albany Artists Workshop

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Local Artist collaborations in Anzac Albany projects

Team illuminart just completed their second official visit to the Albany community for a cultural forum followed by a series of intense “quick response” workshops to provide opportunities for Albany region artists to contribute to the narrative development of the Storytelling Projections and Harbour Light Show  planned for Anzac Albany.

The workshops were attended by approximately 30 local creative people including local film makers, photographers, writers, musicians and young artists. Many of the group have had further conversations with illuminart about participation in the creative development and production of content for the projections, and more communication is planned over the next week to support writers and visual artists who have already commenced work.

Due to the tight time frame the artists involved will predominantly be contributing materials from existing media, but many artists are also creating small segments of new work from photographs, paintings, to music, videography or animation. In addition, some artists will be in contact with Suzannah Lyons (ABC Open) to participate in digital media stories about ANZAC objects.

To enable the artists to keep in touch a facebook group has been set up. Further information can be obtained via email:  albany (at)

“I’m delighted that the creative community of Albany, nearby Denmark and the Great Southern region have an interest in supporting this project and tapping into the opportunity to help commemorate the departure of the ANZAC convoys” said artistic director Cindi Drennan, “The contribution of local artists’ ideas has helped us develop the concepts and will provide an authentic local perspective that we will be able to support with projection and lighting.”

Following up with individual artists is currently occurring, with emails, phone calls and meetings to arrange development of input.

In addition to local artists input, the Albany office of WA Museum will be involved in a curatorial collaboration, and local radio station Hot FM will be involved in sound and voice recording. Many other businesses and groups have agreed to provide support during production and over coming months we will list them as a set of credits under this web site’s ANZAC Albany project journal.

Team illuminart wish to say a very big THANKS to:

  • Vancouver Arts Centre and Amber Perryman for hosting the workshops
  • Albany Historical Society for providing meeting facilities
  • All of the artists who have attended and provided input

Thanks also to AFUG who are involved in creating new media for the project – here’s a bit about the group!

AFUG LogoThe Albany Film Users Group was formed to bring together photographers who have a passion for using film as their preferred medium. Our members cover just about every aspect of traditional photography right through from building their own cameras to printing the final image. We have discovered that there’s a rekindling of interest in alternative processing and fortunately we have members who have a wealth of experience in this field that is being passed on through our club workshops. While we primarily use film, we process in either the darkroom or via the computer. Our centrally located clubrooms are open to members seven day a week and we can be found out and about on regular photowalks with a range of cameras from miniature to large format. We also talk a lot and consume copious amounts of coffee.

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