Saturday, 31 October 2009

Let’s Deck the Hall in Lobethal

Posted by Projection Artist, Cindi Drennan

When you come to Lobethal, you’ll see that the town is nestled in a deep little valley, and from the hill you see mostly single floor dwellings, a landscape dominated by roofs, and lovely green trees. When the Lights of Lobethal invited me to come and create a new projection show, I knew it would be fun looking around town to find the best site, but also a bit challenging as the buildings are not five story monsters with loads of projection area. The buildings are small, human scale, leading to a new creative challenge, to make a smaller scale  projection art show. But which building is the right one to choose?

Lots of candidates have arisen but there is a stand out option that really is a stunning example of art deco, and of the kind of building so very endearing and unique in a township. It is the Lobethal Centennial Hall, which is situated almost exactly half way down the main street of Lobethal, and is visible from the opposite side of the valley. Whilst the building is not large, it is a very sweet and special piece of architecture, and for me also important as it is one of the town’s hubs, offering a meeting place, picture shows and entertainment.

On the 19th of October I visited Lobethal to try out some new lights and look at the hall again… we surprised some local residents by lighting up the hall with projection for about 15 minutes. I always am delighted when people stumble across these planning moments, its like wandering into the kitchen as the cake is going into the oven… I want them to come back and taste it when it comes out at the end.

Now I have begun work on the actual show for Lobethal, and this involves working closely with the local residents, and people I get to know in Lobethal, as well as having a little personal love affair with the building itself. Naturally everyone has asked me what it is going to look like so I have created a digital simulation of some possible imagery. As this is just a quick fix so you have *some* idea of what the building will look like please do be aware that the final show will be animated, moving graphics and sounds… so this is just to whet your appetite.

I’m also looking for the best way to present this show using the simplest, most environmentally friendly technology. I’m hopeful that this show will be self sufficient by being powered through solar panels, and will keep you posted as to whether that is possible this year, or a fallback position of 100% accredited green power. That’s just the technology side… what is really important though is how to make this special building glow with the ideas of the local community.