Thursday, 30 May 2013

It’s a Launchy Soiree Thingee, to celebrate moving in to the Projectroom in Port Adelaide.

Since we have now been in the Projectroom at Port Adelaide for about three weeks we figured it was high time to invite our locals and friends over to come and take a look. We’re having a warming, where you can find out what a Projectroom is, and help us celebrate settling in to the Port (til the end of October).

We still need a few things so we hope you will bring a contribution from your overflowing linen cupboard or pantry or shed… We have a bit of a wishlist below which contains more than just the old fashioned crockery requests; in fact our warming wishlist features wall-warts, blankets, and lamps! Check it out (below), you might have something to contribute.

To help us with planning, please RSVP (and be included in the draw for an illuminarty t-shirt).


Projectroom Warming Wish List: Your contribution will help us save thousands, and at the end all the excess and unused will be donated to the needy.

  • For the kitchen: glasses, wine glasses, cups, teaspoons, crock pot, dinner plates, detergents, buckets, bread board,
  • For meetings and gatherings: biscuits, nibblies, dips, dried fruit, nuts, milk, tea, coffee, cuppa soups,
  • For the workshop space: office chairs, tables, trestle or folding tables, extension cords, sewing machines, scissors, interesting textiles, scrap fabrics, sheers, nettings, old stockings, wire, coathangers,
  • For the meeting room: cushions, stackable chairs, folding tables, white board, shelves, more shelves,
  • For the bathroom: toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, soap, plumber
  • For the big projects:    SUITCASES and BLANKETS (we need hundreds)
  • For the small projects: wall warts (12V power transformer, any small power transformer you no longer use), 240V PC power supply (from a dead computer, in fact just bring the dead computer to us), working 2.5 inch hard drives, working laptops, monitors, internet switches and hubs, working ethernet cables, old lamps and lamp shades, old illuminated signs (prefer working), solder and soldering irons, film or slide projectors, slides, film, projection screens, video projectors, projector stands, we’ll think of more…
  • For the cause: make a donation, buy a card, a lamp, an artwork or an illuminarty t-shirt, promote the events, buy tickets, buy us dinner x