Thursday, 11 April 2013

Launch of The Mandala, Rowlands Apartments Adelaide

Illuminart were invited to create a special projection concept to illuminate and launch the new Mandala Apartments in the heart of Adelaide, across the road from the scrumptious Central Markets. On the 18th floor, wide angle projections of eight mandalas were projected (representing The Mandala’s 8.1 star rating for energy efficiency!). Non objective ambient projections added colour and movement to attract passers by.

The projection event coincided with a VIP invite launch event held above the prestigious penthouse levels of the apartment with views right around the cityscape, and the show was enjoyed by people leaving the Central Markets and attending her Majesty’s Theatre on Grote Street.

The weather for the launch was gentle and kind, but we illuminarty had a very chilly night the evening before, in horrible 50km hour wind and rain to set up the projections so that everyone was able to enjoy them the following evening!

Thank you to The Mandala and The Rowlands Apartments for the opportunity to show yet another way for projection to enhance architecture.