Cindi Drennan in studio with photo of LANDED

Saturday, 10 April 2010

LANDED – Plans / Questions

I’m working on my thematic questions and concerns for LANDED.

And so… I’m putting a bit of a call out:

Whoever is in Launceston and has time, see if you can scope out the following for me:

  • What are the opening hours of Henty House
  • Who are the main tenants
  • Who occupies the offices on the ground floor (facing the civic square in particular)

I have a pile of questions as well in relation to shape and space… so if you happen to have a video camera and want to shoot me some segments… let me know.

I am next going to be in Launy on the 13th – 16th May – it seems all too far away. My plan is to do a whole lot of projection mapping tests onto the building and hopefully get far enough to allow some promotional photos and video as well. At the same time I will plan to scope out any necessary infrastructure in relation to the Handover Ceremony.  Following that I expect to drop in again sometime mid or late June for further investigations.