Monday, 30 August 2010

Landed at Junction 2010: Projection Mapping Henty House

The brutal imposing structure, Henty House, inspires appreciation – its clean lines and angular form overlooking Civic square, directly opposite Macquarie House (a perfect example of early colonial architecture).  A challenging and exciting site for LANDED a projection art work by Cindi Drennan.

To explore such a chunk of building during a contentious time, to be free to play with form, emotion, and symbol, is a very special opportunity. Artist Cindi Drennan thanks Junction 2010 for the opportunity to create this piece and present it during the festival artistic program.

We also thank Sanyo Australia for your support of our creative residency over the last 12 months, which has enabled us to develop specialised projection structures and experiment with the projectors themselves.

The gallery below features photos taken by Hector Beveridge, Patrick Sutczak and Thomas Ryan. Thank you for exploring the work through your eyes and sharing it with us.