Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Katalyst aka the Sketch Kat aka Furry Purry…

One of the wonderful community contributed stories for Port Inhabited has come from local artist Kalyna Macenko, talking about a lovely cat who would visit and stay at lots of different homes around Lipson St.

He was known as Stripey, or Furry Purry… sort of a couchsurfing cat, he had many adventures including being stolen (puss-napped?) and taken somewhere to the Adelaide Hills, eventually discovered, retrieved and returning back to his old haunts!

We loved the stories of Furry Purry so much he has become one of the important characters for the projections. Below are some photos from Kalyna of Furry Purry, and a sneak preview of the animated character designed by Luku. We call the character Katalyst or the Sketch Kat, because, like the local artists of Port Adelaide, he is quite artistic and expressive in his own right! …. :) Not telling you any more just yet!