Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jack In!

Calling all digitari, visualists and video artiste extraordinaires… the chance to illuminate a delicious chunk of public architecture will soon be yours.

The Shimmering West hub of the Adelaide Fringe, on the aptly named Light Square, is the site of JACK IN. Make it your own! Nightly from 24th Feb until 18th March, you will be able to switch this baby over to your own output.

For updates on the Jack In project, templates, pre-created animations for you to download and re-interpret… email jackin [at] illuminart.com.au or like us on facebook. For more info about the project, and behind the scenes, visit our Jack In @ Shimmering West sitelet.

So far our respondents include: VJ Zoo (WA), Levon Hudson (SA) and Jayson Haebich (VIC), and more are coming. You will be very welcome! Stay tuned….