Jack In Box and Screen

Sunday, 26 February 2012

JACK IN: meet our crew

Meet the JACK IN crew and discover what they are presenting and experimenting with during JACK IN. These traineeships with Illuminart and Jack In have been supported through Helpmann Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts.

Rowan Lee: tech student at AC Arts, has been experimenting with Laser Tag, a live digital graffiti technology developed by graffiti research laboratories. Come along and try tagging the AC Arts building using a laser pen, and watch the paint dripping. Feb 24,27 March 2,3,12, 16

Alana West: Dance student at AC Arts, has begun experimenting with synchronised dance and projection as well as image triggering. Come and see some dance images and experimentation with live media. Feb 25,28 Mar 7,11,14

Remy Malecki: Live Production student at AC Arts, has had experience working in production with large touring companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Walking with Dinosaurs; and is working on this project to contribute and gain further industry experience. Feb 26,29 Mar 9, 17

Anna Maclean: Creative writing student at AC Arts, and is currently working on hybrid media arts projects in the Port Adelaide Enfield district. Anna is exploring concepts around street activation and digital street graffiti. Mar 1

Josiah Hall: graduated from the Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media / Film & TV last year and is working with us to develop skills and industry training. Mar4,8,10

Michael Selge: studying the Adv diploma in Film and television Production at AC Arts and has a background including photography and mechanical engineering. Mar5, 15,18