Monday, 24 June 2013

Introducing Light and Moving Image Artists, to exhibit in Luminous Art Trail (Part 3)

Meet some of the artists who are involved in the Luminous Trail to be presented by illuminart and partners during the South Australian Living Arts festival. Today’s introductions include Louise Moody, Bridgette Minuzzo and “Harry”.


NLI Artist Bridgette MinuzzoBridgette Minuzzo has worked as a freelance artist for many years on public and community art projects, commissions, industry partnerships and exhibition work. She is attracted to working with, and responding to, notions of place and things on the periphery of our senses. Processes of cutting, layering and fitting things together seamlessly are integral to her work, whether it’s digital or sculptural.
After graduating from Honours, University of SA, her first projection installation Wallpaper won the City of Adelaide Art Award, Helpmann Academy Exhibition, February, 2012. Her digital animation, Leidoscope, was a finalist for the SALA Moving Image Award 2012, exhibited in Visions for Now, Adelaide Festival Centre.  The Art Gallery of SA recently commissioned two videos for The Studio, Feb-May 2013.
Bridgette Minuzzo
Visual Artist and Designer
Born: Adelaide, SA

NLI BMinuzzo Oratungamovie still 2

NLI Artist Harry

Born on the back of mums paintbrush, I had no choice but to be an artist. She threw me a camera at the age of 14 and that was it, fate sealed. Got my BA degree in Visual Arts amongst all the other wonderfully bent corrupt visual artists. Was lucky to get recieve grants post art school making arthouse films trying desperately to continue the journey in that sometimes/most times, impossible art world.
Then decided to explore another side of the arts world, Arts Administration. Adelaide Fringe Visual Arts co-ordinator. Exhibitions curator, touring exhibitions officer for Country Arts SA. Freelance curator and exhibitions logistics.
My constant love of photography led to owning my own photographic business in which I also transformed the space into a gallery that allowed me to continue my ultimate passion, Visual Art. Business sold, freelance again and looking forward to continuing the forever wonderful journey in the world of ART.

NLI Harry chair engineer 2, post apocalypse


Louise Moody is an Adelaide based film-maker with an interest in experimental video art.  Themes in her work include identity, belonging and social responsibility.

Louise’s film career began in 2000 after completing an honours degree in Screen Studies at Flinders University.  Her graduate film, Saccharin Passion led to the short-listing for the South Australian Young Film-maker of the Year. Following this, Louise worked for many years in the local film industry.  Her particular passion was in editing and she worked with numerous directors, including Rolf de Heer.  During this time, Louise continued to write and direct her own short films.

woman in a trolleyIn recent years, Louise has qualified as a specialist English teacher.  She works with new migrants and students from refugee backgrounds in primary schools.    A great delight is bringing together her love for intercultural understanding and creativity through education.

Louise is a regular contributor to the SALA Moving Image program.  Her latest work is Woman in a Trolley.  The film explores the relationship between art and viewer, victim and perpetrator, private and public.