Monday, 2 January 2012

Introducing Jack in at Shimmering West

During the 2012 Adelaide Fringe the Adelaide College of Arts building will be transformed with an interactive projection concept, created by students working with Illuminart (a South Australian projection arts company). The participating students will be involved in creating iconic graphics that will be printed and animated onto the building.

A visualisation of the projection area

If you are an A.C.Arts Student, interested in Illustration, graphics, animation or projection art and interested in being involved in this project then Illuminart would like to hear from you. Email jackin at with a selection of 5 emailable sized images that show the range and direction of your work. Illuminart are especially interested in highly stylized, vector art, graphic treatments, black and white, lithography… stills and moving image are accepted. Provide your full contact details and availability in January.