Friday, 24 May 2013

“Interactive Quilt Project” nears completion as new ITW workshops commence in Port Adelaide

Interactive Textiles Workshops are being held in coming months, during illuminart’s New Light Industrial residency in Port Adelaide. Find out more here if you interested.

In March 2013 projection artists illuminart presented the first series of Interactive Textiles Workshops in Port Adelaide, Port Augusta + Quorn, and Penola (near Mt Gambier) in South Australia. The workshops provided an introduction to smallscale interactive electronics and lighting, and provided an opportunity for the participants to gain skills in design, soldering and programming concepts in a hands on workshop making a part of an interactive quilt.

Putting the Quilt togetherThe Quilt project, now in final stages of completion, is a fun re-interpretation of traditional sampler quilts made by patchwork afficionados around the world, adding the element of sensors, LEDs illuminating the fabrics, and quirky luminous responses when they are touched. Each participant designed their own piece from a selection of similar themed fabrics, soldered their electronics and developed a program response.

The Quilt will be a beautiful child friendly artwork, to be presented in Port Adelaide during the SALA Luminous Art Trail, before travelling to Port Augusta, Mount Gambier and other places. It has been developed by illuminart, with support of Country Arts SA.