Friday, 10 May 2013

Illuminart’s Port Adelaide SALA Luminous Trail

New Light Industrial - Projection at WYS Warehouse

Demo of a Projection installation at WYS Warehouse, one of the Port Adelaide sites to showcase luminous art and moving image during SALA 2013. Photo of Christian, Dani and Cindi setting up the lights and projectors, by Craig Laurendet.

The *Closing date for the SALA Luminous Trail project has been extended until the Close of Business on the 15th of May. First priority is being given to those who registered 12th May or earlier, but late entries are being accepted.

The project is part of NEW LIGHT INDUSTRIAL – a Port Adelaide arts project by illuminart, supported by Arts SA, Renewal SA, Port Adelaide Enfield Council, Renew Port Adelaide,  CAN SA, Mosaic AV and Western Youth Space.

Photos above are from a projection installation this week in the Western Youth Space warehouse, to share our call out for participants to illumination and moving omage artists interested in participating in the Luminous Trail project.

The Luminous Trail will present a sequence of exhibited works that involve light, projection, illuminated sculpture or moving image, that are experienced in a night time trail along streets of Port Adelaide. It will be held during the South Australian Living Artists Festival 2013 (2-25 August 2013)

Port Adelaide is arguably one of the best locations for illuminated art, with reduced light pollution compared to large capital city centres, easy transport, and quiet streets. Vacant spaces, shop windows, streetscapes and intriguing warehouse spaces are being used as a progressive exhibition experience, linked by a guided walk.

Arts company Illuminart who are curating the trail and supporting the programming and installations have called for expressions of interest from artists who work with light or moving image to participate.

Download form to register as an artist who works with light:

Download form to register as an artist who works with moving image:

A separate invitation has been issued to artists from the Port Adelaide Enfield region working with any medium, who would like to be showcased in a window projection. Download form to register as an artist from Port Adelaide (who will be promoted in window projection):

*Closing date: 12 May 2013 (now extended to Close of Business 15 May)

Email to:

These projects are part of New Light Industrial, illuminart’s Port Adelaide projects leading up to our full street scape projection show in Lipson Street, during Port Adelaide Festival (18-20 October)

There will a crowdfunding campaign to help support New Light Industrial and one of the rewards is advance tickets to an exciting illuminart Architectural Projection show in the middle of SALA on 17 August.

You will find more details and updates on facebook at

*Accepted artists submitting prior to closing date will be included in the SALA registration for the Luminous Trail event. After this date we will still be accepting entries but artists will only be listed in our own published programs, not in the official SALA program.