Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Illuminart @ The Depot

Illuminart will be at The Depot throughout Fringe 2013, creating installations in the form of projection sculptures, mapped projections and interactive playspaces that will pop up at The Depot and evolve throughout the fringe.


Stay tuned to our Depot Residency Blog for our workshop and studio times, if you are keen to get involved in making media art or get hands on during Fringe. Many of our projects connect to activation and public projects elsewhere so you’ll get a sneak preview of what we have planned for later in the year.

Set at the former Adelaide central bus station in the heart of the CBD, The Depot is the new kid on the block for the 2013 Adelaide Fringe. Comprising a series of spaces with a spontaneous, industrial aesthetic, shipping containers and abandoned buildings, forming a surprising and funky backdrop to an unfolding series of experiences… that we are going to help create!

As artists in residence at The Depot, we’ll be presenting a series of fun projection projects that will enliven the space and add an element of technological arts.

From our shipping container will emerge mobile projections, plus some modded and hacked illuminart projects (resurrected for The Depot) and some experimental applications of our mapping techniques installed about the place. These will light the place up on those hot sparkly nights, while during the day we’ll be on site tinkering with new work.

We’ll also be occupying and establishing a workshop and laboratory right there in the old Franklin Street bus station, where our projects (Codename Voyager, New Light Industrial, Hopes Passion, and our Interactive Textiles Workshops) will have their start of operations for 2013.
When you are at the Depot you’ll be able to see these creations and check out the evolution of the work, and visit our on-site studio / laboratory to see behind the scenes, fiddle with the gear, and help make stuff light up. Some days (and nights) we will be running workshops so check the Depot Residency Blog or like us on facebook to get the invitations.

Official web page for The Depot venue:

Big thanks to THE DEPOT for helping make it all possible… you guys rock.