Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Illuminart is coming to Lights of Lobethal

Thanks to support from Arts SA and the Lights of Lobethal, Illuminart will be coming to Lobethal in 2009 to create a stunning new projection show and work with the community to create new forms of lighting art.

The projection show “Deck the Hall” will be an audiovisual illumination of the beautiful Centennial Hall in the Main Street of Lobethal. The images for this presentation will be inspired by suggestions by the local community.

A second display will be a grove of LED illuminated lantern sculptures powered by Solar energy. This grove will be created by community members in workshops, and it is hoped to become a display which can travel to other communities to promote Lobethal and to have an ongoing life over many years. If you enjoy the process of hands on creation and craft, then this might be a way to participate in the Lights of Lobethal Festival.

If you are passionate about the environment and want to see more being done that is environmentally considerate, then please get in touch. Illuminart is interested in hearing from people in Lobethal who are powering their display with 100% accredited Green Power, or from Solar or wind energy, and talking with you about your display.