Brainstorming visions for the future in Port Adelaide

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ideas generators: New Light Industrial

At yesterday’s meetings in Port Adelaide the ideas flowed thick and fast for what the potential and vision for Port Adelaide are. To everyone’s credit, this topic has been on the boil now for months, everyone was switched onto taking positive ideas forward into reality through envisioning and collective action.

So, thanks to at least twenty people who attended the meeting at Weman house on Lipson Street, and about the same number who heard Cindi Drennan give an overview of the project at Jackalope Studio Gallery, we had the beginning of visions  forming for New Light Industrial.

Where to from here?

Three local artists – Kaz Pedersen, Mandi Glynn-Jones and Derek Rogers are working on the project already, to record the visions and ideas of local people who have a strong vision for new ventures in the Port.

For this process, Kaz, Derek and Mandi are identifying a number of local “Ideas Generators” who’ve been thinking about the potential of the Port. Speaking with them, recording interviews, these ideas will then be illustrated and animated so that the rest of us can appreciate the opportunities, ideas and ways the ideas might transform the area. Many of these ideas will involve surveys of local residents to get input and responses, to support funding applications and other forms of fundraising.

Who is doing what?

Derek will be interviewing people to record the visions, and Kaz and Mandi will be key illustrators representing the ideas. All three of the artists will be seeking out local “ideas generators” – the people who already have strong visions for the potential of the area, and other local artists to be involved in representing these through illustrations and images. Luku Kukuku will be working with the group to assist with animation and interactive media.

We expect to have some of these to show you in the next 3-4 weeks.

And in parallel with this, we will be looking for ways to present these ideas to the community for review and input, from doorknocks, to displays in windows.

How can locals take part?

If you have a strong vision, or you are keen to assist with envisioning of someone’s idea, then please make contact. If you haven’t already, please register in the EOI form.

What are some of the ideas?

Here’s a summary of the ideas talked about at the meetings, we are an imaginative lot… so this is just the tip of the iceberg…

A list from the brainstorm in Port Adelaide:

  • replanting and regeneration of forests
  • reconciliation park >> native and indigenous species planted, people learn the myths and uses of those plants.
  • encourage sustainable communities, support networks interested in sustainability of systems, water collection, power etc, alternative technology
  • create a magnetic attraction for people to come to the Port River regularly
  • masts at the end of the port – forest of masts…. an actual forest? — shade???
  • transformation shown through animation – the original ships through to showing actual trees
  • house boats? being able to get around on the water.
  • a light spectacle on the other side of the water, something on the other side to “check out”
  • projection onto birkenhead bridge
  • mist generator projection, projection onto water
  • 20-40 people on the archie badenoch (SAMM boat), for laser art from the archie
  • Daytime options – inside spaces – eg railway museum, inside carriages… inside harts mill, exploring spaces, open studioes
  • Programs for around christmas time, so people don’t just home, extend onto ships…
  • shoebox diaramas – adapting to suitcases concept
  • shipping containers as camera obscuras and actual pinhole cameras in the Port
  • UV light festival
  • shipping container pinhole camera obscura
  • question about whether it is dark enough for astronoical events?? talk to astro society? (small light big light)
  • gotham city spotlights (military vehicle museum)
  • lighthouse panels – voids become lighting panels – suitable for projection as well
  • cinema screen for the lighthouse???
  • bands in all the pubs…
  • musicians on lipson street during the projections
  • ghosts of the port adelaide
  • more families … sound of children laughing.
  • lantern festival linked to the moon lantern festival. involve local vietnamese and asian community, recognise presence and opportunity to celebrate it locally
  • recognition of different cultures here… multicultural representation?
  • acknowledge and celebrate the melting pot (this all ties into the suitcases!)
  • tram to the lighthouse
  • you can hire trains to the railway museum already!
  • 2013 is 50th anniversary of the foundation of the railway museum – april = national art show =
  • transform the train station as a destination
  • lifts, lighting, projection, light sculpture, virtual guide, cranes as lifts,
  • what has happened to the pvi collective audiovisual story interactive thing? Use it again
  • port passport (prize)
  • project onto fishermans market – improve it so its recognised eg like queens market – open more – better eating – actual produce. food / fish
  • nodal areas on the port river could extend onto other parts of the port