Friday, 20 September 2013

Hope’s Passion 2013 Creative Development

HOPES_PASSION_2013_10-AHIn mid July 2013, illuminart was once again involved in a creative collaboration with Adelaide Vocal Project, Andy Packer, and creative partners, working on the fourth development of Hope’s Passion.

Commenced back in 2009, the Vocal Theatre project has had several iterations of development from writing, research, technical investigation, projection mapping to music composition, construction, projection art and choreography of movements. All these elements are combining to present an evocative metaphor of ambition, as expressed in and through the architecture of Queens Theatre.

This development involved new technology in the form of wireless controlled luminous staffs, lanterns, screens and audioactive projection, integrated into the performance developments with the 16 members of Adelaide Vocal Project.

This video shows Adelaide Vocal Project, directed by Andy Packer, rehearsing and performing the four completed parts of the score within the spaces of Queens Theatre. The show is destined for completion in 2015.