Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Giant Lanterns

The Lobethal Lanterns and Giant Lanterns projects have been supported by Festivals Australia, to assist local artists to work with the Lobethal community to create new projects in the Lights of Lobethal festival 2010.

The Giant Lanterns were illuminated textile structures created by artists Anne Griffith and Karen Fennell, made from recycled fabrics. The artists have worked to a theme of “the story of Lobethal”, interpreting research provided by Megan Collins (heritage researcher for Illuminart).

These large Lanterns can be seen at the Bierhaus Lawn, opposite the Lobethal Hotel. They are designed to be big enough for children to get inside. Our thanks to Alistair Turnbull and the Bierhaus for hosting and caretaking the lanterns in 2010.