Sunday, 22 September 2013

FUTURE PORTAL: the theme for Lipson Street projection at Port Festival 2013

Sneaky Peak!Never ones to be type-cast or pigeon-holed, illuminart is off to prove that Projection Art is more than heritage-flavoured, at this year’s Port Festival!

This year illuminart’s Architectural Projections transform six key buildings of Lipson Street and other smaller sites, with FUTURE themed interactive projections.

“While its true that the history of Port Adelaide is what makes it so unique and flavoursome, the future of the area has been questioned and debated quite a lot over the last few years. We felt it was time to reflect South Australians’ dreams, fears, visions and perceived opportunities for the area, in a way that lets the audience choose and explore the possibilities that most excite them” said Cindi Drennan. “Animator Luku Kukuku has dreamt up an interactive experience that uses the buildings as a carnivalesque environment, where you can ‘roll up!’ and pick your favourite future for the area. Interactive projection will be controlled using state of the art LEAP technology, and old fashioned Big Glowing Buttons just like were used in the Retro game arcades of yesteryear. We think that kids will love it, and we will enjoy seeing what futures they choose!”

FUTURE PORTAL is the night time feature event of the 2013 Port Festival. Visit the site or drop in to the Port Adelaide visitor information centre to pick up a big fat program. Its a jam packed weekend with plenty of free events, of which FUTURE PORTAL is a highlight to be sure.

And above is a little sneak peak of one of those zany future possibilities… projected on to Trident House on Lipson Street, showing the game buttons allowing you to interact with the projection.