Foundation / WHLS 2010

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Foundation Research Interview Archive

Nigel Glassey held several research meetings in 2010 during the first stage of research for “Foundation“, to provide community members an opportunity to inform producers about what topics should be explored in the creative development. Some of the interviews were recorded with permission of the interviewees, with the intention of these being available for future reference or research.

We wish to thank our interviewees for sharing their stories, Elise Anthony of Australian Family Tree Services, artist Jess Parker and artist Chris Harrison, Father Eugene Stockton, archeologist and Blue Mountains Historian, and legendary uncle John Patten.

To listen to the interviews, please contact us for a member login for the foundation project. Interview links will appear here once you are logged in.

A summary of interviews is provided here for reference. The interviews may be listened to and referenced but should not be copied or re-used without the interviewees permission. To listen, click the name of the interview segment.

  • Chris Harrison on Art:
    While drawing on her latest piece, Chris Harrison talks about art, her process and experiences. She talks about how community mural and art projects have brought people together.
  • Uncle John Patten on civil progress:
    Uncle John Patten talks about togetherness and the changing face of racism. He reminisces about his father and his father’s achievements in the indigenous civil rights movement. He recalls life as one of the founding members of the ‘Block’ in Redfern and winning the sportsman of the year medal.
  • Uncle John Patten on his career, totems and ancestors:
    Uncle John Patten talks about his boxing career, winning the Australian Bantam Weight title seven years running. More about his father establishing an indigenous broadsheet in the 1930s and discusses totems and ancestors.
  • Jess Parker on growing up:
    Jess talks about the difficulties of her birth, living with an alcoholic abusive father, and of growing up believing she was a kiwi.
  • Jess Parker discovering her Indigenous heritage:
    Jess talks of discovering her Indigenous heritage at her father’s funeral. Her experiences with alcoholism and awakening to her indigenous spirituality. Her brief foray as a christian and later being drawn to live in the Blue Mountains.
  • Jessica Parker and the Sacred Fires:
    Jessica and her niece Bonnie, talk about how she began facilitating sacred fire circles and of healing her familial ancestors at the sacred fire.
  • Jessica Parker talks about discrimination:
    Jessica talks about her experiences and views on discrimination.
  • Jessica Parker on her visionary images of the future:
    Jessica Parker talks about her visionary premonitions of the future of Australia.
  • Elise Anthony on history and current removal of kids:
    Elise Anthony speaks on the importance of oral history and the recovery of languages. She comments on removal practices and how the next generation of kids, like the stolen generations before them, are denied the information of who they are, where they’re from and who they belong to.
  • Elise Anthony on her heritage:
    Elise Anthony talks about her upbringing, her clan heritage, and feeling for the land. She talks of ancestors and more on the current practice of removal.
  • Elise Anthony talks about her business ‘Australian Family Tree Services’.
    Elise Anthony talks about ‘Australian Family Tree Services’, helping people connect to their family and ancestors. She talks of people taking their journey home, some examples and of the problems that sometimes arise.
  • Elise Anthony on out of home/foster care in N.S.W.:
    Elise Anthony talks about children in out of home/foster care. Over 14000 in NSW alone and over 4500 of these are indigenous. 26% of 0-17 year old Aboriginal children are wards of the state. Children are still being removed by DOCS from their families including high rates of removal of indigenous children.
  • Elise Anthony talks of having her children taken away from her:
    Elise Anthony talks about about the scars this has left for her and her family members. (No access is provided to this recording for legal reasons)
  • Elise Anthony talks of meeting family and the journey home:
    Elise Anthony talks about meeting family members she never knew existed, even discovering she had half Italian sisters! She discusses the feelings that arise when people connect to family and ancestors and about the emotions of taking the journey home.
  • Eugene Stockton Background:
    Father Eugene Stockton talks about growing up in the Blue Mountains. His early interest in discovering artifacts and becoming one of the first archeologists in Australia. He relates his long developing interests in Indigenous issues.
  • Eugene Stockton, Archeology:
    Father Eugene Stockton talks about his interest in archeology, his discoveries and contribution to the understanding of the Blue Mountains area.
  • Eugene Stockton, Spirituality:
    Father Eugene Stockton speaks about his time as a Catholic teacher and priest and his research into Indigenous spirituality.
  • Eugene Stockton, Reconciliation:
    Father Eugene Stockton talks about his view on reconciliation and possibilities for the future of Australia.