Thursday, 5 June 2014

Flinders Flicks gets a new lease of life

More than six years have passed since a small group of Quorn locals set up Flinders Flicks. Monthly double features were screened at the local Guide Hall, as well as a few other venues such as the Quorn Caravan Park, until other commitments got in the way and FF went in to hiatus in 2011.

Those evenings have been sadly missed by its small bunch of devotees, but thanks to a new partnership with Emily’s Bistro, Flinders Flicks will be running again very soon.

In fact the first screening at Emily’s Bistro will be of The Great Gatsby, to be presented on Friday 11th July at 7pm. (Bookings are required… click the advertisement to the right to see contact details for bookings)

ff-adIlluminart will be continuing its support of Flinders Flicks by helping with advice, sponsorship and technical support. This includes

• training local people in the operation of the equipment

• providing insurance of the equipment

• arranging storage and hire options of equipment to support community projects

• organising technicians to support the project (for example involving Rowan Lee a technologist in Adelaide to provide best quotes for equipment)

• assisting the society to develop an engaging film program

• employing a local writer to assist with promotion

• arranging sponsorship rates for projectors from our preferred supplier Panasonic

We are very excited about this new opportunity, as we simply did not have enough volunteers to run the film nights on our own anymore, and we are sure Emily’s Bistro and the audience will enjoy the benefits of Flinders Flicks film nights in Quorn.