Friday, 28 September 2018

Illuminart display at the Epson stand, Integrate 2018

Illuminart have recently joined the Epson Projector Ambassador program and our first step in the partnership involved an invitation to create something for the Epson stand at Integrate 2018, an important annual convention and expo for the Audiovisual and Lighting industry.

Our challenge: to develop a creative display using the Epson Lightscene. This is a projector that actually looks like a light, and has a light fixture within it as well as a projector. It designed for retail and signage installations – so it was an interesting opportunity for us to see how we could design for it with a creative approach incorporating artwork and entertainment.

We created two different installations to show the different ways that the LightScene could be used.

The first installation is called ‘Aviation Pioneers of Australia’ and it features seven famous Australians from the early days of Aviation, which is very topical as we are now in the centenary of Australian Aviation. Our projection featured the Red Devil, a fabulous and iconic plan flown by South Australian aviator Harry Butler, and with a little bit of projection magic this superb plane lights up the photographs of the early Aviation pioneers.

The second installation is called ‘Smarties at work’ and combines bowls of actual smarties, with animated projected smarties that zip about in fascinating movements. This colourful display was designed to be edible as well as eyefood!