Location 5 of ITWACDTBIWI - The Disappearance

Monday, 5 November 2012

Location 5 of ITWACDTBIWI – The Disappearance

If There Was A Colour Darker Than Black I’d Wear It” is a hybrid media theatre project that brings together live performance, mobile projection, and interactive media in a progressive series of locations around a community. It was first presented in Goolwa in October 2012 during Kumuwuki (the national Regional Arts Australia conference).

This video segment is documentation of Location 5 (the final scene) which features the music of DJ Tr!p, Projection by Cindi Drennan, lighting design by Chris Petridis, and story elements by all of the collaborating artists involved in the project. (For full credits please see below). The project is proudly supported by Country Arts SA through its Performance Development program and has been made possible through the financial assistance of the Australia’s Council Theatre Board and Arts SA’s Major Festival Commission Funding Program, co-presented by Rising Damp Youth Arts and Illuminart in Kumuwuki arts program (Artistic Director Steve Mayhew).

This project has evolved as a collaboration and partnership among a group of interdisciplinary artists, supported by Country Arts SA. The third stage of development is being co-produced by Rising Damp Youth Performing Arts and Illuminart. See below for the full credits of the Goolwa production.

Roles and Responsibilities
Artistic and Technical
(in alphabetical order)

Gavin Clarke
Adoʼs Dad, Co-Director, Choreographer

John Crouch
Coach, Co-Director

Cindi Drennan
Co-Director, Projection

Jess Foster
Adoʼs Mum, Co-Director, Assistant Story Consultant, Rising Damp AD

Fred Fowler
Adoʼs Artwork

Jamie Harding

Monica Hart
Production Coordinator / Stage Manager

Salome (Sal) Haselgrove

Aaron Herczeg
Sound, Lighting and Vision Operator

Marty Hopkins (Reactor Media)

Rowan Lee
Sound, Lighting and Vision Operator

Caleb Lewis
Story Consultant

James Lloyd-Smith
Adrian (Ado) Fulgin

Joel Panther
Assistant, Audience Interactivity

Chris Petridis
Lighting Designer

Chris Phillips

Veronica Plane

Desmond Plane
Brett (Nugget) Nuggins

Michael Marner

Shana Makins

Steve Mayhew
Creative Producer

Riannon Newton

Steve Tilling
Production Manager

Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart
Co Director

Composer, Sound Designer

Philip Ziakas
Benny Taylor

Thankyou To
Troy and the staff at F.I.T. Health & Fitness
Centre Goolwa
Goolwa Bowling Club
Craig Williams and Mosaic Audio Visual
Brett Pedler, Dene McKinlay and the Goolwa
Port Elliot Football Club
Lucretia Sperring
Emily Zessers
Richard Greig
Geoff Cobham
Patch Theatre
Apollo Lighting Service
Jeremy Bell and the Victor Harbor
Football Club
Chris Stansbury
Bill & Beryl Haines
Samuel Moore
Hoad Fisheries
Helen and the Currency Creek Hall
Dennis and Jodie Bills
Jason Wright, Harcourts South Coast
Osmond Electronics

Supported by:
Arts SA
Country Arts SA
Australia Council for the Arts
Rising Damp Youth Arts Theatre
This project is assisted by the Australian Government through the Theatre Board of the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body, and by the Government of South Australia through Arts SAʼs Festivals Commissioning Fund.