Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 2 @ The Depot – Shipping Container, wherefore art thou?

by Cindi Drennan

I’m in Adelaide now, getting ready to design / install our first prototplasm projections for an ever growing luminous presence at The Depot.

To start with, I will be visiting The Depot at 8am tomorrow morning – looking forward to tracking down our shipping container and hopefully also the key that opens it! We’ve had our goods in storage in Port Adelaide for a year and last month our shipping container was brought down to mingle with the others forming the industrial environment (and potential projection surfaces) at The Depot. So…. which one is ours??? And… is it on the ground level?!

I have some idea of what is inside it – projectors possibly – definitely shipshape ready to assemble – certainly some old video mixers and other equipment – some lights and “stuff”. It will be a bit like going through the attic of fifteen years of hoarding video tech (as its not only illuminart stuff… it’s what I “inherited” from the dismantling of the video act that lived and died an agonising death before illuminart was even thought of.) There’s also some very large structures in there… PROMISE being one of them. I would love to get this installed but I suspect I’ll need a few helpers for that.

Tomorrow I’ll also be checking out the spaces on site we can work in, to do some of the fabrication and prep we have planned for those other projects, including our CBD activation concepts.

Then, I’ll hopefully be catching up with Dave and/or Dino in the late afternoon and we’ll map out our first weekend solution together. After that I guess it will be time to start inviting our crew / volunteers / audience / fellow artistes to come and play with us :)