Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 1 @ The Depot – Digging through The Past

Aloha from here at The Depot! I’ve found our container… its the refrigerated one, labelled ICE (let’s say that stands for Illuminart’s City Edquarters). And Lo! I have even found the key! Now… let’s take a look inside… uh oh!!!

So now I have stepped through the doorway into the past – to rediscover what we left behind in Adelaide twelve months ago, having just finished JACK IN and about to head to Sydney to prepare for Fractured Heart Interactive at Vivid. Let’s find out what we thought we would need in twelve months time…

IMG_4798Aaron Herzceg who showed up to meet me, gave me a hand to get the doors open – it was a bit tricky but finally we burst in to a jam packed space with all sorts of boxes, crates and materials completely covering the floor.

It’s all a bit of a mess – its been through a move from one container to another which hasn’t helped – plus its been moved from Port Adelaide to The Depot, and stuff is everywhere – so it’s pretty hard to even get inside.

Surprisingly, there is quite a lot of very useful stuff stashed in here.

TheDepot_IMG_4805We did a big tidy up so as to be able to even get in, actually, and found a whole heap of fabric, art materials, sculpture pieces, coreflute, an airconditioner, gaff and tools, and…. the two “missing” 3000 lumen video projectors.

Aaron ended up with a few goodies to borrow for the Fringe parade – a couple of 100Ah batteries and an inverter.

Now I need to pick through all of this and let Craig and Trevor know what we need from NSW. So far it looks like we’ll be needing the welder, soldering irons, sewing machines and a truck load more projectors.